Sunday Smiles Painting by Laura Burge

  Ultimately, I had turned a bad situation into a good one. This here is what you call making lemonade out of lemons. I know there are many artist out there that experience the same situation but this is a prime example for you or someone you may know. Disappointment may come but you can [Read On]

bloggers brunch

Bloggers Like to Brunch by LaShon Renee

I am so happy I found a great community of bloggers in the Los Angeles area to network with because at times it feels like all the cool events happen in either the South or on the East Coast. Networking with your peers is a great way to keep motivated, exchange ideas, and to get [Read On]

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#BLMChat Recap: Managing Blogging & Balance

Last April, the BLM Girls gathered on twitter to talk about that elusive notion called BALANCE. We had a great conversation on how blogging interferes or helps every other area of our lives. We talked about how blogging affects our family, friends and most of all our sanity. Blogging takes up a massive amount of [Read On]