The dust has settled and here are just a few of the recaps of this awesome multi-city event. {CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO VIEW CHRISTA’S POST} BLM Girls Experience – New York was hosted by Christa Myers of  Christa threw her heart in and led the girls in a wonderful branding presentation as well as [Read On]

BLM Girl of the Month

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  The Community is where you’ll find tons of random “FUN” like creative recipes, D.I.Y. ideas, etc.  Enjoy! If you have “FUN” that you think the BLM Girls would appreciate feel free to email  Please note: while we prefer the “fun” you share is from within the BLM Girl Community or better yet your [Read On]


  It seems like every month there’s some new and wonderful “trick” to optimizing your social media presence, but what’s the real key?  In September’s #BLMChat, hosted by Simona Marie of GoodLooknOut we learned how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can significantly increase your online presence.  Here are some great nuggets to take home and apply now! [Read On]

self -acceptance-love-confidence

STOP where you are and what you’re doing and ask yourself – who am I? Why am I here? What am I supposed to do? Be still for five minutes and think about it- this is an important step in finding who YOU are. Between watching TV and logging into our social media account daily, [Read On]